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Jobs for Disabled People at Home

According to a study done in 2016, 24 percent of all people employed did some, or all, of their work at home. The number has been steadily increasing along with the growing number of businesses doing most, or all, of their business on the internet. This is a time of plenty in terms of working remotely, and it offers a multitude of interesting jobs for disabled people at home. Whether you have a college degree or not, a wide range of professions can be practiced without ever leaving the house.

  1. Education Jobs for Disabled People at Home

There are many teaching opportunities available on the internet. A vast number of colleges and professional schools operate exclusively online, and they need educators. There are also a growing number of tutoring opportunities in all subjects and for all levels, including elementary, high school and college students. You could choose to tutor English to students in other countries through a remote connection. U.S. high school teachers earn an average of $59,170 annually, while instructors and tutors earn a yearly average of $30,310.

  1. Business Careers You Can Have at Home

Many business careers can be accomplished remotely, giving disabled individuals an excellent chance to build a career. Accountant, consultant and account manager are among the popular positions that can be performed remotely. Accountants and auditors average an annual salary of $69,350.

  1. Online Sales Careers

Customer service representatives are needed for businesses with online stores, including the giants like Amazon. Employees can work from home to answer questions from customers and handle customer complaints. Customer service representatives earn an annual average of $32,890.

  1. Remote Jobs for Writers

Writers are needed to produce the content for all print media, and a growing number of people are joining this online workforce. The ability to work from anywhere and choose your own hours are some of the job?s biggest perks. The average writer salary is $61,820 per year.

Being disabled doesn?t mean you can?t provide a service to your community and earn a good living. Online jobs offer an array of opportunities for anyone, disabled or not, to find meaningful employment.

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